10 Key Steps to an Amazing Simply Wright Event!

Daydreaming about hosting and/or organizing a spectacular event or an entertaining get together is fanciful and easy to let your creative mind go off the reins. Now, bringing those daydreams to reality can be a bit daunting.  How to make this task less fearsome, you ask.  Girl, let me show you the “Wright” way! Below, I have listed ten key steps to an Amazing Simply Wright Event!

  1. Relax, Relate and Release! The initial planning process can be hectic, but you can always ask for help. Come up with a list of friends, family and coworkers that have a special skill set that will help make your event a success. Absolutely, utilize your resources! It is alright to delegate – always have a check and balance system in place.

  2. Determine your vision. What are you trying to accomplish? Are you having a Employee Appreciation or a Grand Opening? The purpose of your event will have an impact on your vision. Be creative!  Trust yourself to stray from generic, bland and cookie cutter ideas.

  3. Outline an Event Budget. There are several online programs you can purchase to help with your budget. Research free tools that will help manage your budget. Be realistic when estimating cost. Include room for incidentals and margin of error.

  4. Select a Date. This process can be tricky depending on the type of event you are hosting. Consider any other events or holidays before choosing a date.  For example, having a fundraising event on the same day of a popular holiday could prove counterproductive – lessened participation.  Some dates are static and cannot be rearranged (eg. Birthday, anniversary and recognized holidays). Accordingly, you must be dynamic!  Be flexible to work with and around what are fixed obstacles.

  5. Select your Target Audience. Tailor the event to your audience. You need to determine if the event is for family, employees or client. This information will be vital in all your event creation.

  6. Select a Guest list. The amount of people you invite will have a major factor on the venue and how much of the budget will be utilized. The number of guest will also help determine the event agenda.

  7. Select a Venue. This selection can be crucial to you and your events success. Take into consideration the size of the space, the catering requirements, the venue condition, their reputation and your audio visual need.

  8. Create a Timeline or Checklist. This is a pertinent step in your planning. You need to make sure all the fine details are taken care of. You will be so overwhelmed there is no way you will be able to think of everything that needs to be done. A checklist and is the perfect check and balance system. Grouping the task together chronologically to make a timeline will be the most beneficial.

  9. Select Vendor – Hiring quality vendors for your event is essential. Evaluate references and the company’s history before making final decisions. Their reflection is a reflection on you, directly or indirectly. Keep your budget in mind and remember negotiating is usually a WIN.

  10. Enjoy your Event and Remember to Relax, Relate and Release! Girl, mistakes will be made, but you must be able to snap back and get creative with the answers. Organization and multitasking skills will be you FRIEND!

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