Complete Checklist for Planning an Event!

Planning an event can get complicated without a guided time frame to lead you.

I have developed a checklist to help you remember every detail. This list is customizable based on the type of event your having.

Here is a sample 6 month checklist for event planning:

6 Months Before

  • Determine event goals and objectives

  • Identify the event date

  • Choose Venue

  • Plan the Budget

  • Set your agenda

  • Choose your Keynote Speaker

  • Book Caterer

2-5 Months Before

  •  Design, print, post and print event flyer

  • Choose menu and decorations

  • Set up mobile app and registration

  • Get your permits and insurance

  • Hire Photographer, videographers, entertainers

  • Market your event – email, social media and Public relations

  • Make travel arrangements and book any accommodations

  • Prepare detailed agenda

  • Purchase supplies, awards, gifts and incidentals

1 Month Before

  • Reconfirm all contracts and reservations

  • Finalize menu and serving style

  • Continue Marketing and Public Relations Campaign

  • Finalize setup details

  • Assign tasks for day of event (Volunteer Team)

2 Weeks Before

  • Check with venue for last-minute site details

  • Confirm all travel arrangements and accommodations

1 Week Before

  • Give final headcount to vendors, caterer and venue

  • Prepare name tags, registration packets, and on-site materials

  • Prepare final payments for suppliers

  • Prepare gifts for guests and/ or speakers

  • Walk thru event with volunteer team finalizing parking, security, registration, décor’ and audio visual

Day of event

  • Arrive Early

  • Meet briefly with volunteers to coordinate task

  • Leading briefing session with speakers

  • Greet people at entrance

  • Sit back relax and enjoy your Event!

Immediately Following Event

  • Financial – update budget based on receipt, final registration and finalized data.

  • Send Thank you and acknowledgment letters to: Volunteers, Sponsors, Speakers/Presenters and Media

  • Conduct Post-Event Survey – ask for attendees to evaluate the event.

I hope you find this checklist helpful in getting your event up and running. Remember to customize this checklist and be sure to print this list and keep for future events.

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