5 Reasons to Have a #Hashtag Strategy at your next event

This year’s #1 trend is Hashtags! Yes, Social Media is the way to go for any event and Hashtags are a must.  Below I will list 5 reasons to have a #hashtag strategy at your next event.

  • Consistency – use the same #hashtag for all promotions related to the event. From the save the date to the post event networking. Include it on all post, social media and event literature.

  • Engagement- this keeps the audience engaged in all the news about your event. This essentially brands your event and gives it its own identity.

  • Crisis Management – this is a great way to keep the audience informed about changes such as Venue or speaker announcements.  This is the New Information Highway.

  • Feedback – this is the great way to get positive and negative feedback. It gives your audience the opportunity to engage themselves at any time. Even during the event itself!

  • Networking – this is the perfect way to bring your audience together and gives you the power to engage the audience for pre-event and  future networking events.

Girl, I know you event will be a Success! Just keep your #hashtag – original, short and understandable. You can use the same #hashtag every year for an annual event. Just follow the rules above and start PLANNING!

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