Are client consultations wasting your time?

If you're like me, then you have been bombarded with consultations with potential clients. Consultations can take a life of there own when you don't have a structured process in place. I always seem to give out too much information and get caught in a "pick your brain" session. Well, I have a sure-fire way to take control of your consultation and get paid for your services.

Here are 10 ways to guarantee your consultations are productive:

  1. Consultations are not to solve the client's problems, it's the time to get to know your client and for them to get to know you. The ultimate goal is to determine the client's needs and discover whatever product or service you have to solve their problem.

  2. Consultations should be timed. Remember your operating in your gift! Get to the point and avoid small talk.

  3. Consultations should cover your timeline and budget. The client must have a time-frame for you to follow to solve their problem. Budgets are also required so you can determine which service or product you have to benefit the client.

  4. Consultations should be earned. Requiring a basic questionnaire before the discussion is a great way to test the client's level of seriousness. The questionnaire should cover the clients what, when, and why.

  5. Consider recording a video with your necessary business information, products, or services you offer and your turnaround time-frame Send this video before scheduling the consult. The prerecorded video helps the client determine if they want to go to the next step and schedule the consultation.

  6. Designate a day of the week and time-frame to offer consultations. This designation allows you to schedule your time effectively.

  7. Your consultation should have a price tag. Determine a reasonable amount required to book and apply this is the client's booked service.

  8. Your consultations should be scripted. Memorizing the script will help you stay on track and obtain all the necessary information in the allotted time-frame.

  9. The key is to control the call. If you get too comfortable, you will find yourself giving the clients solutions to solve their problems.

  10. Sample Script -

"Thank you for chatting with me. The purpose of this 20-minute call is for us to discuss your potential event. I would learn about you, your needs, and what I have to offer.

Let me tell you about myself, the time-frame for my services, my prices, the next steps, and answer any questions."

Follow my 10 steps above to have consultations that result in new clients!

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