Girls' Teen Summit 

Simply Wright Event Planning LLC. is the coordinator for The 8th Annual Girls' Teen Summit. We appreciate the opportunity to serve at the Summit once again!

What is the Girls' Teen Summit?

“The summit is a two day workshop and panel discussion where teenage girls are given an opportunity to listen to speakers on topics most relevant to young ladies today. The entire day is designed to pour into the young ladies while simultaneously breaking down the walls they've built.”

What topics will be discussed?

“Some of the topics that will be addressed include healthy relationships, skills in addressing bullying, health and fitness, resilience, domestic violence and human traffic awareness, the importance of education and career development, etiquette, financial literacy, and much more.”

What’s the vision?

“Our vision is that young ladies in our program will rise above adversity, inspire, and educate the community on issues that young ladies face in their lives.”




Life can be a challenge when you're faced with answering....
I want to buy a home but my Credit Score is not above 640.


Or I need to gain a better understanding how to get these derogatory accounts removed from my credit report to never return. Most peoples Finances are out of order that they're are living paycheck-to-paycheck.


Some of us set goals of Home Ownership and/or Property Investing and don't know the 1st step to take.

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